Your Climate Change
Research Assistant
(or Department!)

To say there is a lot going on when it comes to climate change that you should probably know about would be an understatement. You need a research assistant, and your organization needs a research department! The Climate Web can serve that role for individuals as well as organizations, providing access not only to the existing 20,000+ hours of expert knowledge curation already in the Climate Web, but to the ongoing equivalent of more than an FTE dedicated to tracking and analyzing key climate topics (while adding it all to the Climate Web!).


This Climate Site focuses on the different ways you can take advantage of the Climate Web and the Climatographers. Except for the summarized Capabilities page at the top right, this Climate Site does not focus on the contents or capabilities of the Climate Web, For a lot more detail on those topics, the Master the Climate Web Climate Site is available through its link at right.

As briefly summarized in the slide above, you have several options for taking advantage of the Climate Web’s extensive actionable knowledge capabilities. First, though, we’ll mention one way to take full advantage of the Climate Web without having to get your hands dirty in the Climate Web itself. Due to the Climate Web, the Climatographers can deliver knowledge-based products and services far more cost-effectively than would otherwise be possible. The Climatographers can deliver topical briefings, webinars, and Ecourses across numerous climate change topics. The Climate Web is structured to help deliver advisory services, including Climate Risk Assessments, Climate Assumption Audits, and Climate Scenario Planning, among other support needs. Learn more through the Advisory page at top right.

You have several options for taking direct advantage of the Climate Web.

Open Access

Anyone can access the Climate Web on-line at We also provide open access to our public Climate Sites that we’ve created to facilitate access to selected climate content extracted from the Climate Web.

Premium Access

Premium Access is the simplest way to turn the Climate Web into your own research assistant or department. Premium Access lets you download the Climate Web to your own computer and/or mobile device for FAR faster and more powerful access than possible via on-line access. Local access to the Climate Web on your own computer, for example, lets you accomplish with one click what can take multiple clicks on-line, saving you a huge amount of time. It also provides you access to the hundreds of Topical Dashboards in the Climate Web that are difficult to use via on-line access.

Your Climate Change PhD and Your Climate Change MBA knowledge products, which you can explore through links at right, can be combined with Premium Access to help you instantly come up to speed on almost everything you’re likely to need to know about climate change, whether from a general interest perspective or a business decision-making perspective.

Learn more, including about the differences between Open Access and Premium Access, through the Premium Access page at top right.

Personalize It

Personalization** of the Climate Web is available from the Climatographers for both Open Access and Premium Access users. We can build you a customized front door linking all the different places you most commonly want to go in the Climate Web, point students to the topics they need to dig into for a class, or embed a particular view into the Climate Web on your website.

Learn more through the Personalization page at top right.

What Personalization Would You Like to See? Contact Us!

Build Your Own Knowledge Management System

Build Your Own delivers to you your own customizable climate change knowledge management system with the purchase of “slices” of the Climate Web, or even a copy of the entire Climate Web. In either case you can then adapt all the purchased materials to your needs in any way you wish.

Learn more through the Build Your Own page at top right.

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TeamBrain Collaboration with the Climatographers

TeamBrain Access combines the elements of Premium Access and Build Your Own”. The TeamBrain version of the TheBrain software lets you re-organize information to a limited extent, add your own information, and create your own topical Dashboards and other information products, all while benefiting from the ongoing additions and improvements being made by the Climatographers to the Climate Web.

Learn more through the TeamBrain Access page at top right.

Which Version of TheBrain Software?

You can use the Free version of TheBrain software for many of the options listed above, but you might want to consider purchasing a one-time or annual subscription to TheBrain Professional given the power-user capabilities it opens up for you as described in more detail here. Note that when you first download TheBrain software you will get 30 days of free access to TheBrain Professional, giving you time to consider whether it’s a good option for you. After that, the software will revert to the Free version with its slightly more limited capabilities.

If all you will be doing with TheBrain is accessing the Climate Web, the one-time payment option for TheBrain Professional may be sufficient. If you will want to start building your own Brains, which you almost certainly will, you might want to consider one of the annual payment subscriptions. You can compare the different license options here at TheBrain’s website. Note that the Climatographers have no financial interest in TheBrain software.

The Climatographers