Build Your Own KM System

The Climate Web encompasses almost unlimited information relevant to understanding and tackling climate change. Many users may want to be able to re-organize the information most relevant to them and their topics of interest, however, and even continue to develop their own knowledge management (KM) system on their own.

To that end, you can purchase "slices" of the Climate Web that include everything about a given topic. Slices can be used to launch your own KM system. We even have a FREE Climate Change Starter Brain to get you started.

In many cases, a Climate Web slice could also be integrated into an existing KM system. You can then reconfigure the materials in whatever manner you wish. Topical slices can save you hundreds of hours or more of topical information collection and analysis, and you’ll be customizing your own knowledge system in minutes.

You can purchase Climate Web slices here. If you don't see the topic (or topics) in which you are interested, we can easily create that particular “slice.” Just contact the Climatographers.

Master Modifiable Slides July 11 8

For consulting firms, law firms, or even large companies with a lot at stake when it comes to climate change, purchasing a full copy of the Climate Web is an amazingly cost-effective way to launch a climate change knowledge management system that can then be quickly and easily modified based on your needs. This option basically gives you a 20,000 hour head start on building a climate change knowledge management system. The Climatographers are happy to support your system going forward, but it’s not required.

Purchase your copy of the Climate Web here.

The Climatographers can also provide Super User training to selected staff, who can then guide the rest of your organization in utilizing and leveraging your new knowledge management system.

If you have questions about purchasing a copy of the Climate Web, please contact the Climatographers at or or call us at 503-913-0025.