Personalizing Your Access


Personalized Access involves using a Tag (with its own unique URL) to organize whatever you want to get instant access to anywhere in the Climate Web. Using that URL will deliver you to your own personal front door to the Climate Web. You won't need to navigate your way to each of those spots every time you visit the Climate Web they’ll be right there for you when you enter. The screenshot below shows one Climate Web User's Personal Doorway. This is a relatively simple example; many more links could be provided in your personalized access Doorway. 

Personalized Access is available to anyone, whether using the Climate Web on an Open Access basis, or via Premium Access. Premium Access users do have more choices in what they can including in their Doorways, e.g. specialized Dashboards.

Personalized Access can serve many purposes:

  • Researching a particular climate topic? The Climatographers can quickly organize the most relevant Climate Web materials for you in a Doorway, saving you many hours and probably pointing you to materials you wouldn't otherwise find.

  • Preparing a memo, a presentation, or a workshop? The Climatographers can save you considerable time and effort and organize the results in a Doorway. Business Doorways can tackle almost any question that a company is asking itself today, or that a CEO might have raised in a meeting, utilizing the best available thinking from numerous experts:

    • Are science-based targets an effective corporate strategy?
    • Are the probabilities of extreme events shifting?
    • How fast is progress towards a low carbon transition happening?
    • How high could carbon prices go?
    • Is policy advocacy the way to manage systemic climate risk?
    • What are the likely outcomes of climate change litigation?
    • What does the long-tailed distribution of business climate risk look like?
    • Where is the Social Cost of Carbon headed?
    • Should we purchase carbon offsets? Which ones?
  • Organizing a conference and want presentations (or more) to be available to participants or the general public? A Doorway can do this easily.

  • Want to organize materials for a class you are teaching on climate change and help students take advantage of resources across the Climate Web? The screenshot below illustrates how a Doorway organizes an online course at George Washington University.

  • Want to make information in the Climate Web available on your website? An embedded iFrame on your website can point visitors to whatever you want them to see in the Climate Web, whether your own publications or any other information in the Climate Web. Updating such a Doorway is far easier than updating a website.

  • Here's a last example, and a somewhat unusual one. Let's say you want to find everything in the Climate Web relevant to a specific keyword. We can search for that keyword, and pull ALL of the relevant thoughts into a Dashboard for your reference. You can quickly scan through the collection and click through when you find something particularly interesting. Even for a relatively narrow keyword like "Oregon," for example, the search turned up more than 500 examples of the word showing up in thoughts. About half of those thoughts are shown via this screen-shot of the resulting Dashboard.

Dashboards can be designed at any level of complexity, for any topic, and can be public access or private.

Purchase your personalized access Doorway or Dashboard here.